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Lessons typically occur once a week. Classes are scheduled by the Term:


Fall Term:  September to December (15 wks)

Winter Term:  January to March (12 wks)

Spring Term:  April to June (12 weeks)

Summer Term:  July & August (8 wks - optional)

A student is expected to commit to a minimum of one full term.


Beginner Students: min. 30-minute lesson


Intermediate Students (Levels 1-5): min. 45-minute lesson

Senior Students: (Levels 6-ARCT): 60-90 minute lesson


* Students will require (preferably) a piano, or at least a full-sized (88 keys) keyboard with a pedal.


*All required music books are available here at the Studio for the same price you would pay at a retail outlet.


*You will require a notebook (any kind) for me to write homework in.

Sheet Music
Image by Trac Vu

Tuition Fees

Lessons are offered at the following rates:

30-minute lesson:  $16.00

45-minute lesson:  $24.00

60-minute lesson:  $32.00

Studio Fee: $5.00 per student per term

                       (to a maximum of $10.00 per family)

Arrangements for fees are required at the beginning of each Term:


  1. Pay for the entire Term

  2. Equal monthly payments


*Cash, cheque, or e-transfer accepted. A receipt will be issued.

*Cheques are to be made out to Karen Turpin

Cancellation Policy

- If I have to cancel a lesson, every attempt will be made to reschedule. Where that is not possible, a credit will be issued the following Term.

- If you cancel the lesson, you may (if you wish) be placed on my cancellation list -- but I cannot guarantee a make-up class due to a full studio. No credit will be issued.

- If the student is a 'No-Show', there will be no make-up class and we resume the following week.

Image by Joshua Hoehne

Parent's Role

There are two main roles for the parent:

consistency and encouragement

Consistency in:

  • Getting the student to lessons on time with a minimum of scheduling changes

  • Ensuring a regular practice schedule is observed at home

Encouragement in:

  • A positive attitude toward the student's efforts 

  • Attending Studio recitals or other performance opportunities 

  • Providing a suitable instrument for playing


Turpin Studio holds recitals twice a year – June and December with other options including the
Canada Music Week recital.

Playing the piano can be a very enjoyable, private past-time. BUT! It is a gift that is meant to be shared. To that end, this studio encourages its students to play for their family and friends and for parents to play an active role in promoting that playing.  The question, “Would you play such-and-such a piece for me? I really enjoy it...”  goes a long way to motivating the student. Music should become a positive part of daily life.

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